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Types of Engagement Ring Settings

Practicality is an important consideration when choosing the style of your engagement ring setting, particularly if you use your hands for a living, love sports or spend a lot of time gardening. An engagement ring should not have to be removed several times daily!

Tension Set Engagement Ring

The tension setting is an elegant and unique version of the solitaire setting. The diamond appears to be floating between the two pieces of metal holding it in place. Tension set rings are not as easy to resize as other styles, but they are very eye-catching.

Halo Set Engagement Ring

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The halo setting surrounds the centre diamond with a frame of pave diamonds giving the illusion of a bigger diamond and adding significantly to the overall sparkle of the ring. This is a beautiful and classy look, which has become very popular in recent years.

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Cluster Set Engagement Ring

Often confused with halo settings, a cluster setting groups several smaller stones together, with or without a centre stone, giving the illusion of a single large stone. This setting is less well known than the halo setting but has been gaining in popularity recently.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

A channel setting includes accent diamonds or colour gemstones set into a groove in the band of the ring. Channel set gemstones do not have metal separating them, which adds to their radiance. The grooves of metal at the side hold the gemstones firmly in place.

Pave Set Engagement Ring

Tiny diamonds cover the surface of the band, giving a dazzling, diamond encrusted appearance to the engagement ring. The whole surface seems to glitter and sparkle. Creating a pave setting is time consuming work, which will be reflected in the price.

Split Shank Engagement Ring

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The split shank ring has become very popular. It features a band where the shank splits from the head of the ring, creating the look of two, or even three, separate bands. A split shank engagement ring is a great option for brides with large fingers.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Also known as trinity rings or trilogy rings, three stone rings have three matching diamonds set horizontally in a row with the bigger stone placed in the centre. The three diamonds on the ring are said to represent the couple’s past, present and future.

Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring

A diamond ring with tapered baguettes is one of the most classic and elegant looks in engagement rings. Baguettes are a simple narrow step cut. They have a glowing lustre rather than sparkle and serve to draw the eye towards the centre stone.

Bar Set Engagement Ring

The gemstones in a bar setting are held by slim bars of metal between each stone, accentuating the metal without obscuring the stones. Bar set diamonds or gemstones can accompany a centre stone for an engagement ring or stand alone for a wedding ring.

Flush Set Engagement Ring

The stones are embedded into the band of a flush or gypsy setting, giving the ring a contemporary feel. This style is popular for men’s rings. Flush-set tones are protected since they are level with the band. Flush stones can also accompany a prominent centre stone.

Diamond Wedding Set

weddig set jewelry

When choosing an engagement ring setting, it is important to keep your wedding ring in mind, particularly if you are intending to stack both rings on one finger. One way to pre-empt any mismatch is to buy a wedding set, or bridal set, comprising an engagement ring and a wedding band that match. The rings may simply be two individual rings, designed to be worn together; or they may form two halves of a ‘whole’ ring and look incomplete if worn separately.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about engagement ring settings. In the upcoming blog post, you will learn about the multitude of beautiful coloured gemstones that can be used as alternatives to a diamond or as an addition to a diamond centre stone.

I will also summarize several other considerations that you should be aware of when choosing an engagement ring. See you there!