Engagement Rings for Men

Traditionally, the role of proposer has laid firmly with the male, except, that is, in a leap year, when women may propose to men. However, it has become more common for women to propose to men in recent years and men’s engagement rings have started to appear on the market.

My past articles have focused exclusively on engagement rings for women, but I will be taking a look at the growing tradition of men’s engagement rings in a future post.

Shape and Cuts

The shape of a diamond also determines how large and how much sparkle or fire it has. I won`t go into this too much except that a Round Brilliant has the best value because less of a diamond has been removed to achieve the desired carat weight. A Princess cut diamond that is 1 ct. will look smaller than a Round Brilliant of equal size because of the table size.

Diamond Cut Buying Tip

Thick girdles and high percentage depths will take away from the table or face of a diamond. Depending on the shape of the diamond purchased, you can find out if the diamond has good proportions or not.  The GIA description of the diamond is a good place to start if you can’t go look at the actual diamond.


I found that the larger diamond retailer sites like Blue Nile and Diamond.com were great in determining what the costs of diamonds with different ratings are.  Unfortunately, some of the GIA rating reports did not show where the inclusions were on the diamond.  I believe a ball park number for an ideal cut round brilliant, 1 carat, D colour and VVS clarity diamond is $10k US. A diamonds color and clarity are important areas to look at if you are looking to find the best value in a particular diamond.

The Carat weight of a diamond has significant impact on its value. This is because small diamonds are more plentiful than large diamonds. A 1.0 carat diamond is more than twice as rare as a 0.50 carat diamond.

To help you select the right diamond weight, we offer diamonds from 0.10 carat to 10.0 carats (diamonds above 1.0 carat are only available by special order).

The Key Point to Remember: The larger the carat weight, the rarer and more valuable the diamond becomes.

Diamond Ring Designs For Men


In contrast to ring designs for women, most rings for men take on a chunky design and have thicker bands. Also, the emphasis is usually not on the center stone but on the ring setting itself. (Most women like diamonds to be as large as possible but it may not be the case for men).

Another recommendation that I have for guys is to choose platinum as your choice of metal. Since most guys are pretty rough with their rings and do a lot of work with their hands, platinum is a sturdy material that can withstand impact better.